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In the last couple months, I’ve been making a lot of headway.


I’ve been working on:

Saddle mods
Saddle bag set ups and modifications.
Hennessy hammock set up
Researching memory foam as a saddle pad


The Urban Edible Gardening Guidebook

Jingles and my new – but second- Hennessy Hammock

New EasyBoot Gloves that are so super awesome. They don’t come off at all no matter what speed, gait, or transition. These are so much better than my old boots…

5000 Miles of Hope

Ponying training and riding Roxy solo with trip weights.



I hired an awesome web designer to help me with website creation, blog posting, sharing on FB. I had a website made for my book and created a PDF download version.   Thanks so much Julie Dulong.


On the logistic end of things I’ve been preparing for:
Border crossing legalities and contacts.
Shots and paperwork needed for crossing border and states.
Route set up

Dr. Terri Taraska, USDA Border Vet


I visited Dr Grant Lum of Athletic Edge Athlete Services in Toronto for some dieting and stretching advice. I need individualized programs for my body and its many previous injuries, as well as my hypoglycema. A torn gluteus medius means I have to be careful when in the saddle for long periods, when riding Jingles, my wider horse.

Athletic Edge Sports Medicine

When waiting for Dr. Grant, I had 1 doctor and 2 resident doctors look over me. One of them had just been on an eco-volunteering tour in San Juan la Laguna, where I almost bought a house 13 years ago. I went to their offices in Toronto the next morning and had a nice chat. I really look forward to meeting up with them “down the road”.



Last week I spoke for the Madawaska Valley Horticultural Society on Edible Gardening. I talked about my book, gardening in Zone 3 and the upcoming trip. It was nice to see some of the local gardening afficianados.


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