5000 Miles of Hope

Leaving Rancho Rosalia, Pachuca, Mexico, June 2018.

2 trips | 3 years | 1 man | 1 mare

Travelling over 10000kms across 4 countries, I saw environments being exploited, communities falling apart, and a never-ending hustle to get ahead.

A lot of it wasn’t pretty. But the generosity of strangers everywhere was overwhelming. I thank all of you.


The journey is over, but the memories and stories last forever…

My focus is now on the environment, and what we can do to create viable jobs and economies that won’t ravage our land and water. Actions that will nurture our future, before it’s too late.

Follow my blog as I continue on the path of conscious energy descent, as I breed Roxy, and as I make green efforts to build a healthy future.​


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