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Imagine a world where everyone enjoys freshly harvested healthy food…

This is the world I hope for. This is why I ride.

In September 2017, we embark on a 2 year 5000 mile horse ride- to discover delicious food, visit healthy farms, and raise funds for Maya Pedal, our Guatemalan Project Partner.

Along the way I will be gathering material for the 3rd edition of the Edible Gardening Guidebook. This upcoming edition will include growing guidelines from Zone 3 through to Zone 9, growing tips from the experts and many additional regional and local crops. Available in English, French and Spanish, expect an essential North American Growing Guide.

This is me, Chris MacLuckie, and my Morgan mare Roxy
Photograph by Sierra McCabe
The 2 year horse ride fundraiser starts in Ontario, runs the west side of the Appalachians, thru Texas, south thru Mexico, rising to finish in the Guatemalan Highlands.
The 2 year trip will be funded privately, with sponsorships and donations, as well as sales of my Edible Gardening Guidebook.
The months preceding the trip are being dedicated to training my mares, getting all the right tack and gear, selling books and belongings to finance the trip, getting all paperwork in order AND RIDING!
5000 Miles of Hope - My Mares
Chris MacLuckie
Rockingham, ON.
Please take a look at the Maya Pedal Horse Ride Fundraiser on Go Fund Me.

I also invite you follow the trip on social media. Look for #5000milesofhope

We look forward to meeting you along the way.

Happy Trails…

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