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Roxy and I made it to San Andres Itzapa, home of Maya Pedal, in September 2018.

Over 375 days, we travelled 6700 kms by horse and 1100 kms in trailer.

It was a blast. That’s the 4 word summary!

If you like nature photos spend some time checking out this site. There are thousands of photos of our international horse ride!


I’m using the attention gathered from my trip as a platform to raise funds for Maya Pedal, our Guatemalan project partner. With fond memories of interning for them in 2003, I thought that a fundraiser would be worthwhile. This is how I’m giving back. Maya Pedal develops, builds, markets and distributes sustainable pedal powered machines that assist Guatemalans in their day to day life.



Roxy and I have been settling in and I have begun my career as an English as Second Language Teacher!

Also, I’m in the first stages of writing my book about the trip and the pedal powered machines of Maya Pedal.

This book will be ready for publishers in 2019. If you want to be part of this book follow us on social media and make a donation today! We upload to YouTube and post on Instagram and Facebook.

Donations to help us with with completing our book can be made here:



Orders for our Edible Gardening Guidebook here:



TV News Story from Greenville, MS



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Thank you so much:

Easycare Easyboots

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Happy trails and thanks for your attention, support and donations!

Chris and Roxy.


Chris and Roxy in front of the SABESA headquarters. Zaragoza, Guatemala. October 2018.