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Throughout the next few weeks I’ll be sharing photos and excerpts from my upcoming book:

5000 miles of hope

375 days by HORSE, Canada to Guatemala.


The book is going to be a hardcover photo book, with a couple hundred of the very best photos, as well as our best stories and experiences from our 13 month journey. I’m currently editing the photos and content.

To help reduce the cost of printing a high quality photography book, we are going to print a limited run SPECIAL EDITION thru www.blurb.com.

I’m going to start a 30 day kickstarter campaign for the book the 3rd week of February. If you don’t know what kickstarter is, well it’s a way for people who like someone’s creative work to prefund it to help cover and reduce costs. In exchange, the backers receive the finished product (ie book) at a lower than regular rate, as well as all kinds of other “rewards”. When the campaign reaches its goal by the end date, the backers pledges are collected and the books and rewards are mailed out.

I hope you enjoy the photos and stories I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks. After going thru over 10 000 photos and hundreds of topics and stories, these are just a taste of the very best from our trip.


[embed-google-photos-album “https://photos.app.goo.gl/RkukiHSGK6yX6Tid6 “]




I’ve enjoyed this entire creative process, starting with the seed of the dream, to the years of preparation, to the long haul full off ups and downs, to resting up, taking stock, and evaluating what we actually did for those 375 days, and now presenting it in a way I’m sure some of you will like.