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5001 training STARTS NOW!!!


Stay tuned for our upcoming ride:
5001, a long ride for horse health.

This is Day 1 of training. Our program for the next 3 months will include lots of hill walking (for me!) and 3 rides a week in the saddle.



I accompanied my old friend Rubelsi Molino up to one of his properties to harvest some pine leaves for a Christmas event.

We walked up some steep hills, Roxy ate a bit of grass while we harvested the leaves, then I walked her back down.
Little steep walks like this, combined with 3 rides a week is how I plan to train for the next big one…

Also, as we are in the dry season here in the Guatemalan Highlands, Roxy’s feet are getting harder. I’m going to take advantage of this and ride and walk her as much as possible barefoot.

I’m really excited about the theme of our next ride, and especially about our ride beneficiary and partners…

More information soon!

5001 training STARTS NOW!!!

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