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Hi guys. Welcome to 5000 Miles of Hope!

5000 Miles of Hope is pretty simple. It’s one unshod horse and her guide and rider. Morgan mare Roxy and Canadian Chris MacLuckie.


We travel solo with no vehicle support. We find our places to stay, and our food and feed – as they come…

Our first ride in 2017-18 was 1 year of riding from Canada to Guatemala. 5000 Miles of Hope continues with our second long ride: 5001, México a Caballo.


Now in 2019-20? 1 year through México from south, to north, and back south to the center.


This ride, our goal is to learn and share everything horse. Charros, cabalgantes, escaramuzas, working ranch horses, show horses, race horses, you name it, we’re going to see it.

All throughout the next year, as we visit horse people, we will be giving formal and informal presentations on how to travel by horse. Our recently published book THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO SOLO HORSE TRAVEL is the foundation for our talks.

What’s amazing is that I’m going to be learning new stuff every day. I can’t wait to share it with you!!!

I hope you can join us for the ride!