Chris MacLuckie's Bio

There is still something to be said for focusing on one thing – and doing it well.

After all, people of discernment, refined taste, and elevated expectations expect the best. You choose the services of accomplished professionals – men and women who can afford to put all of their attention on the task at hand.

I am a man of many hats, but I only wear one at a time. My dedication to finishing what I start is how I approach the craft of writing.

I start with the idea of the message, begin writing, edit heavily before formatting, then finish with the presentation of the content as a published work.

I find my inspiration, for the most part, in real-life experiences coupled with practical learning.

Here you will not find the work of an abstract or conceptual writer, but rather, a pragmatic style based on real-world problems paired with easy-to-understand solutions.

My approach to writing, and my life in general, are the same: Focus.

I begin the process with a deep immersion into a specialized topic, followed by thorough research from a wide variety of sources, quick learning, then finally, extraction and application of the fundamental concepts and kernels of truth, in a structured and coherent presentation.

For the seeker of wisdom and understanding, perpetual learning is not an activity to be shunned with disdain, but rather, a lifelong pursuit of the highest order, the very reason for existence.
- C.A. MacLuckie

The world is in dire need of quality – and accountability.
I walk, ride and travel throughout this world, like many others, aware of my privilege and opportunity. I pay tribute to my status as a man of mobility and learning, by repeatedly dedicating myself to quality over quantity, a job well done, and a process fully completed.

To me, the quaint and old-fashioned concept of staying true to your word is the unbreakable bond that holds together all that is good. It is my credo, my means of identification, and my standard for friendship. To me, it is quite simply the only means to preserve our honor and dignity.

I have traveled countless miles with one loyal horse, ruminating on the mysteries of life. I have worked countless hours in farms fields and backyard gardens, tending organic crops throughout all four seasons. And I have read and learned from countless texts and novels, from my earliest childhood to this very day.

Cherishing my wealth of experience, I am blessed with the perspective and vision to see things from a range of perspectives. Thus, my intent as a writer is to place every story I share in its rightful place, as free of bias and prejudice as possible. After all, regardless of passing trends, context and truth will always remain indispensable.

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