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Along the east side of Lake Ontario


Here are some pics from our travels down Hwy 3 on the east side of Lake Ontario.

On Sunday I left Sackets harbor and we made it to south of Mexico on Wednesday, where I’m staying with some old dog mushing friends.

It was so hot out…Roxy has been a real trooper and is showing some real skills as she handles the traffic and heat. She is a really nice horse, I look forward to many years together with her. She still busts out a trot on occasion and her fast walk is to die for. We are making tentative plans to do some endurance racing with her after she’s rested up in Guatemala. More on that later.

I don’t recommend #3 during busy season. I’m going to stick to “white” roads on the map from now on- the “yellow” ones are too busy. Coming from the border, they’re weren’t a lot of options til yo get south of Lake Ontario.

Of note, I helped an Amish family load hay with their Belgian work horses. That was pretty sweet. I’ll upload a video sometime to YouTube. I will write more about the Amish experience later as well.
















Along the east side of Lake Ontario

6 thoughts on “Along the east side of Lake Ontario

  1. Hi Chris, I’m lovin’ your virtual road trip from my office chair, and envying you. Great pictures, Roxy’s a real trooper. Health, wealth and happiness to you both!
    -Jane (…Home is Mountain St. at the foot of Blue Mountain which was 10 min east of the Outlet, where we met.)
    Happy Trails

  2. It was fun meeting you from astride my QH mare. Glad you survived the fisherman of Port Ontario and the perils of Rt 3. Wishing you and Roxy safe travels and many adventures!

  3. Hi Chris!!! It’s Raene and Alex here. Just catching up on your blog for the first time, bit have been thinking of you lots. Happy to hear you are doing well and made it across the border without any hitches. How are you finding it? And how’s that cardio base ;)??? Sending all the love from Rockingham and rooting for you big time! Hugs.

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