Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas


Near the end of January, we started into Arkansas from Mississippi.

After crossing the mighty Mississippi via the Greenville Bridge, we went west for a bit.

Then we went south to back along the river and took a day off with Laura and her family. They grew bananas in a solarium.

Next we went into Louisiana, as I had a few places lined up just south of the border.

We ended up outside of Bastrop for Super Bowl Sunday and took the weekend off. We had a great visit with the Collins Family.

After a rainy weekend in Greenville, this weekend was rainy as well. Then the next week, and that weekend and so on. Basically, it was very wet from mid January thru to end February.

From Bastrop we made it to Farmerville, took another rain day off as it was cold. We stayed at a rescue horse stable and arena called the D’Arbonne Range Riders.

Then it got warm again as we ventured south west towards Arcadia. Had a nice visit. Then we went towards Ringgold for the following weekend and it got cold and rainy, again, so I took 2 days off. We stayed at the Ringgold Horse Arena and met lots of nice people.

A couple days before Ringgold, my phone charging port started acting up and I could barely get a charge. Somehow I got it to work again before I left to go west towards Texas. We made it south and around Coushatta before making our way towards Carthage. The rain came back, the phone went wonky, we kept on trucking. I ordered a external battery charger for the s5 to be mailed to Rusk. I took a day off just north of Carthage, which was not fun to ride around, and it rained again.

From there we went to Clayton where I hung out with Ted the Saw Guy. I had an awesome stay and the weather was nice for a little bit. We carried on west to Recklaw where we took another rain day. I had a great visit with the Philips. They were doing. The finishing touches on their new restaurant. Drop by for a visit!

We carried on to Maydelle visited some more then we made it to palestine. It rained again. We splurged and stayed at a hotel. From Palestine we went thru rain to Oakwood, then down to the famous center ranch. And then on to Centerville, which is probably not part of East Texas, so the next part of Texas will be in my next post.

Rain, rain, rain. Lots of grass on the side of the road, lots of nightly pasture. This trip has been all about chasing green grass, that’s why we left in the fall. Except for 3 weeks right after Christmas, there has been grass on the side of the road the whole time! Starting mid February, Roxy has been pastured most nights as the extra rain has brought on lush growth.

In February we left the flat lands and row crops behind and entered ranch country. Cows cows cows. Cowboy country. Where the stock trailer being pulled by the duellie has two saddled working QHs.

Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas

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  1. Ground tied. Very nice, I try to learn from you. Is the helmet exchanged for the grande hat now in Mexico? Or is it just fo’ sho’ ?

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