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Wherever and whenever I finish Trip #2, I look forward to teaching English and deepening my role as an educator. I want to teach somewhere where I can have nice stables or pasture for Roxy and nearby students for classes.

I will most likely work on more books including one for on Equine Therapy in Mexico.


Red Terapias Ecuestres México


Some other book ideas that relate to horse travel or my interests are:

Old cars – Charros – Mexican horse culture – Farming for the futurea: a 3rd edition of my edible gardening book – Water and deforestation –  and more horse travel topics.

I’d like to make a movie as well – if I can get quality footage. FINGERS CROSSED ON GETTING THE EQUIPMENT IN TIME.

Also, in the longer range future, I want to start pairing up Roxy with special needs children. She has a real affinity for youth, especially small children, and is really gentle. I also want to breed her and time is running out for that…!!


Roxy LOVES little kids.

Some real big dreams while I’m at it is that I’d love to get involved in hemp farming/ CBD production! We desperately need more trees in the ground, and we need to find a way to get off of the oil addiction ASAP. Hemp offers so many opportunities for jobs AND environmental conservation that I want to be part of it!

So with that, this is the end of my big 5 part post about some of the big things in the background of my life. I hope you liked reading it.


The past and the future together when I ride here.