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I’m going on this long horse ride for several reasons. I hope to gather material for the 3rd edition of my book:


Here are some of the topics I will be researching along route. Most involve growing/ raising food in one form or another:


  • How to increase fat and or protein levels in plant harvests


  • Methods to increase organic matter and plant nutrients


  • Making the garden/ homestead work


  • Compost and compost tea applications


  • Plant medicine and applications


  • Increasing crop keeping


  • Harvest processing


  • Microbial allies


  • Companion planting


  • Insect and pathogen management


  • Natural de-workers and worming strategies


  • Growing philosophies


  • Power sources on property


  • Tool and machine usage


  • Illustrator/ photographer/ editor/ publisher/ researcher for the 3rd edition.


If you are interested in providing input or data on any of these topic please send me an email or FB message and we’ll start chatting. I’d love to hear from you!

The Urban Edible Gardening Guidebook

worm castings trials

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