5000 miles of hope

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Based on a historic 5000 mile solo horse ride from Canada to Guatemala, this ebook book provides the essentials to successfully travel thousands of miles with one unshod horse.

Horse lovers, minimalist adventurers, the curious AND the sceptical will find this instructional photo book informative and enlightening.


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Your One Stop Guide to Growing Food in Small Spaces!!!

This ebook is a complete guide covering all the components of urban agriculture. Ideal for the school, class or outdoor learning environment.


La guia esencial para viajar solo con tu caballo
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Basado en un viaje histórico de 5000 millas cabalgando desde Canadá hasta Guatemala con un solo caballo, esta guía te brinda lo básico para recorrer miles de millas con un solo caballo descalzo (sin herrar).

Amantes de los caballos, aventureros minimalistas, curiosos y escépticos encontrarán esta guía ilustrada, informativa y esclarecedora.


Saddling the solo travel horse
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You saddle right, you ride long. You saddle wrong, you don’t ride at all… In this ebook learn how to saddle your solo horse for multi-month journeys.

Discover the detailed profile of a unique travel saddle, one that ensures the comfort of you and your ONE horse day in day out, all while carrying trip loads.


Feeding the road horse
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My experience has shown me that while on the road, what and how you feed your horse is the secret to longevity.

Feeding a horse while traveling long distances requires a special skill-set.
A knowledge of the feed you’ll be encountering as well as a routine for how to give it. Here in this ebook you learn the best ways to keep your horse healthy while keeping colic and laminitis at bay.


Hoofcare for the barefoot travel horse
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Horseshoes or barefoot with hoof boots? Learn how to ride thousands of miles away from home – unshod.

Barefoot horse riding has its distinct advantages.
Horse travel with a barefoot horse is possible, it’s best done along with hoofboots. In this ebook you learn the ways to manage your barefoot horse while on a multi month trip.


Getting down the road by horse
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Any horse person can ride a long day or 2. But how do you do it for months at a time, and countries away from home?

Getting down the road by horse is an art AND a skill.
In this ebook you will learn all sorts of techniques, routines and shortcuts so that day in day out, you can make good forward progress -without ruining your horse.


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