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Carlos Mancera Esquivel | Profile and Interview


Here you find an interview with Mexican horse trainer Carlos Mancera Esquivel. IN ENGLISH. Carlos is based out of Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, and combines Classical Equitation with Natural Horsemanship.

At his ranch LASSO Horse & Life, he trains and boards horses. He also does training and clinics throughout Mexico, focusing on prioritizing the horse first.


I first met Carlos in June 2018 on my way down to Guatemala and spent a couple days at his ranch in early September 2019, during my second journey by horse, 5001: Mexico a Caballo. I can attest to Carlos’ passion and knowledge of all things horses; he is a true aficionado.


The interview above is 30 minutes and covers his background in horses, his approach to training, and some of the differences in horse culture between Mexico and the USA. It’s an eye opener and sure to teach you a thing or two.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


Carlos Mancera Esquivel | Profile and Interview

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