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Harness on Morgan mare Roxy

  Trialing the new to us work harness in preparation for logging season. Chris MacLuckie Chris MacLuckies’ professional career began with a decade-long stint as an organic vegetable grower in Ontario Canada. His career is prolific in breadth and scope. He has farmed organics commercially, volunteered in Guatemala, ran a gardening business, raised and raced […]

2019 》》》2020 – Wishing you the Best!

As the year nears the end, and the weather is cool or downright cold, it’s the time for taking stock of what passed while setting sights on the year ahead. 2019 was pretty great for Roxy and I. After we managed to make it out of Guatemala, we began our second long ride and forged forward thru the majestic Mexican mountains and valleys, land of horse lovers and living legends.

Javier Perez Rocha | Profile and Interview

Javier Perez Rocha is the owner of Rancho Santa Marina, an organic sheep cheese farm, located just west of Atongo, Queretaro. When Javier was a boy his father bought the farm and since 1983 it had seen many iterations: cattle, hay, asparagus, mixed vegetables. Now, since 2009, it produces organic sheep cheese.

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