Centro Integral de Monta y Equinoterapia

Centro Integral de Monta y Equinoterapia

Centro Integral de Monta y Equinoterapia Lerdo deTejado


I was invited to visit Xochiilt Sosa Delfín and her Equine Therapy Centre in May 2019. I had already planned to visit another center in Puerto Veracruz while riding my horse north through Mexico so I gladly accepted.


Xochiilt, Roxy and Chris


I showed up in late July 2019 and stayed for a few days before giving a horse travel presentation, with proceeds going towards her center in Veracruz.

Without further ado, here is my profile of Equine Therapy Center:
Centro Integral de Monta y Equinoterapia | Lerdo de Tejado, Veracruz, México.


CI Monta y Equinoterapia was founded in 2010 in Lerdo de Tejado by Xochiilt Sosa Delfin. The Centre features horse riding lessons, equine and language therapies, summer camps, and monthly special events.
Founder and director Xochiilt is a Certified Pre-school Teacher as well as a Certified Equinotherapist, with many educational certificates and years of experience with special needs children.

Xochiilt’s passion is for horses and continual learning. Her staff includes other teachers as well as a child psychologist.

Centre Director Xochiilt Sosa Delfin.


Their animals include 4 horses, a rabbit, dogs, sheep, chickens and ducks.

Below I’ve included photos from the Centre; an audio interview with Director Xochiilt, as well as interviews with a couple of her patients family members, who discuss the benefits of Equinotherapy for their children.





Maximilian bonding with a bunny. Max has autism.
Positive play time creates healthy modes of expression.
Smiling at his .mother
Feeling like a champ.
Milan working on word pronunciation. Milan has speech difficulties.
After a happy ride…
Integrating movement a speech exercices.


For further information, questions and pricing here is a link to the Center.



Centro Integral de Monta y Equinoterapia

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