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Chasing Green Grass

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Roxy is rocking it these days.

We’ve been doing some short intense rides and we’ve improved her diet since February. We had some poor feed in January and February, but we got a better source of hay in March. We also started adding soy into the Omelina 300 feed. The changes have made a great difference.

Leaving on our next trip in May, I want Roxy to be a little overweight. We’ll be in the tail end of dry season so feed on the road for the first month is not going to be tops, not until the green growth starts coming back in June anyway.
It’s probably better we start in May, rather than Jan or February, as that would have meant 4 months of travel in the dry season. Guatemala and southern Mexico are really poor, and horses can get really skinny here in the dry season because most people can’t afford good hay or feed.

I’ve been spending about half my teaching income down here on making sure Roxy is feeling and looking great.

Like I mentioned, the short rides has been fun- lots of trotting, cantering and galloping mixed in with the flat walking. The muscles are growing and the energy is rising.

The next ride thru Mexico will give us its share of challenges. Proper feeding day in day will be one of them. I look forward to trying my best and working with my Mexican friends to keep Roxy in top shape.

My book THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO SOLO HORSE TRAVEL devotes one chapter to the topic of Feeding The Travel Horse.

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The effects of long distance travel on your horse are unique and demanding. Understanding how to follow a feeding program that works with all kinds of feed is crucial to your horses longevity. Following the seasons can help as well.

Try thinking of your ride as you surfing a wave called Chasing Green Grass….



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Chasing Green Grass

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