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Crockpot of Feelings

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It’s been said that the last few weeks before any major takeoff is the hardest.

Right now I’m feeling happiness, excitement, impatience, anxiety, uncertainty and frustration.

The positive feelings are coming from my legs turning into pistons, my horse becoming calm, and my dream coming true.

The negative feelings are coming from my desire to get on the road -NOW!- but I know that to do this trip properly I have to tie up the loose ends AND make sure I have enough money. The feelings also come from my current living situation, where I’ve been living almost 2 years.

Living off grid with no cell phone or internet service is nice if you want to be a hermit. But if you want to communicate with the outside world on a regular basis, it’s the pits.

Some people may think I’m going on this trip to discover nature and the wilderness. Actually I’m going on this trip to meet people and get re-civilized. And to leave the isolation of off grid living in the northern Canadian wilderness- where ironically, it’s impossible to live without a vehicle…Been there, done that- next!

In any case I look forward to raising awareness of pedal powered machinery and sustainable farming/ gardening. Our Maya Pedal horse ride fundraiser is on gofundme. You can help me raise money for them by helping me with my trip costs, or by donating to them directly. Think about it for a second while you think about our future…I appreciate it.

Also, the charity auction is this weekend. I hope to sell a couple thousand worth of stuff on Saturday. I have a sweet Aussie saddle for sale and many, many other things.


Crockpot of Feelings

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