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written by Long Rider Chris MacLuckie

a 5000 Miles of Hope Photo Book

152 pages, 197 colour photographs. PDF format. Viewable on any device with a PDF reader.

ENGLISH Version.


Your dream is to ride. You can do it….

Horse lovers, minimalist adventurers, the curious AND the sceptical will find this instructional photo book informative and enlightening.

Based on a historic 5000 mile solo horse ride from Canada to Guatemala, this ebook book provides the essentials to successfully travel thousands of miles with one barefoot horse.


Four crucial topics are covered:
1. Fitting a travel saddle with gear that is comfortable for horse and rider
2. Feeding on the road
3. Hoof care: barefoot and Easyboots
4. Travelling down the road successfully


Here you learn about the essentials to your trip in detail. The flex panel saddle with suspension seat; easyboots with custom add on soles; how to pack light; and schedules to follow for easy travel.

Solo and barefoot horse travel literature is hard to find. This concise and thorough book outlines the conditions for outstanding travel with ONE UNSHOD horse.