Easyboot Originals are my FAVOURITE


Easyboot Originals are my FAVOURITE!


I’ve ridden over 5000 miles /8000 kms in the last 2 years with my trusty Morgan mare Roxy, mostly on pavement and hard ground, mostly very far away from home.
I know what I like and what I need.

7 reasons the Easyboot Originals are the best horse TRAVEL boot in production. (As of summer 2020 unfortunately no longer in production -SO SAD!)

  1. No chafing
  2. No twisting sideways
  3. Lightweight
  4. Can fit a variety of hoof shapes
  5. Can fit the hoof throughout the trim cycle
  6. Can be retrofitted for both front and rear hooves
  7. MacGyvered parts available all over the world


Here are some pictures off and on the hoof.


  • As you can notice, they is nothing above the hoof wall, so no pastern or coronet chafing.
  • The metal side teeth ensure that the boot never slides sideways.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They fit irregular sized hooves.
  • The cable adjusted, for proper fit throughout the trim cycle.
  • The back strap and cable can be shortened to retrofit the front boot on the rear hoof.
  • The back strap, and front cables can be replaced with fan belts and brake cables.


They are not perfect:

  1. The cable can break. (They are easily replaceable with bicycle or motorcycle brake cables).
  2. The side teeth can mark the sides of the hoof wall. (This isn’t an issue with a hoof with thick walls, and frankly, you probably won’t travel far with a horse with thin hoof walls)


Here’s how they could be improved as a TRAVEL boot:

  1. By making a removable sole, as in a bolt on rubber horseshoe.
  2. By using a hose clamp tightener instead of the cable system.
  3. Returning to parts used in the earlier generations- 1 which were more durable and allowed the cable to slide more freely and not get crimped, 2 as well as allowing for easier removal and replacement of the back strap.

There really is no reason to be buying whole new hoof boots every 2-4 months of travel on pavement, when only the sole is used up. Replacing the sole and reusing the boot only makes sense for horse travel.

A hose clamp, like on the discontinued Easyboot Edge, allows for a wider range of tightening within the same boot size.


****The needs of the horse TRAVELER are unique and special. The Easyboot Original satisfies most of them, as far as hoof care is concerned.*****

More info on Easyboot Originals here in our 3 part post from 2018:


Also you can learn all about barefoot hoof care for the travel horse in these 2 horse travel books:




Easyboot Originals are my FAVOURITE

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