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The best way to contact Chris is by email. Please allow 1 to 2 days response time.

Mr. MacLuckie can be booked by appointment via email. At this point in time, all communications will be online, Zoom, etc due to COVID restrictions.

Long Rider and author MacLuckie is available for interviews with approved publications. Some of the topics to cover include:

  • Life on the Road
  • Support and re-supplies
  • Horse culture in different countries
  • Types of horses ideal for long riding
  • The state of agriculture in 2020
  • Investing in our future

Content from the collection of Mr. MacLuckies’ published works can be republished by explicit prior authorized approval. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly unpermitted.

The range of work that Mr. MacLuckie provides includes:

  • Website creation
  • Content creation -posts, articles, brochures & presentations
  • English-Spanish translation
  • Social media management
  • Book and manual writing, editing & publishing
  • Business English tutorial

Chris is available for freelance work, schedule permitting, with preferance for ongoing work by the hour. Feel free to contact him via email with your project or request.

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