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First 3 days on the road

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Day 1 was like a dream- it really didn’t feel real. 

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11 miles. My buddy Ed from Rockingham came along on his bike and took some pics.
The weather was windy and I managed to get the riding done between big rain.
I hung out with my old friend Les from Toronto and we ate well and watched some streamed show I can’t remember the name of as what’s the point I never watch TV or stream stuff anyway. But it was entertaining.
I had roxy tied to a tree and front hobbled.
In the evening I went to check on R and she pulled back on the line. Which she happens to do on occasion. This time it required some quick responding from my host Les and I then we sorted out the situation.
Then every couple of hours that night I went to check on her.  The weather was very volatile and rainy that afternoon and evening, not really the best for a first day out.

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Day 2 started like a dream as well. After months of prep, then finally doing it- getting on the road- it just didn’t seem like it was actually happening. It was a pretty easy ride on a very quiet road on the edge of the Madawaska highlands. I got to the days end point – Foymount Farm and had a chill afternoon. I hadn’t slept much the night before. I visited with Sue’s horses and we talked saddles, backs and training. Sue Solf runs a equine retreat centre right at the base of foymount, she also trains horses.
11 miles. 

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Day 3 I had a little breakfast with Sue then she interviewed me in front of her barn under clear skies. I took off at 945. What does roxy do? Canter the first mile. After letting her work off her steam we settled into a nice easy walk / ride into eganville on our busiest road yet.
13 miles.

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I had a great visit with anna, one of my hay suppliers partner. I confirmed that it was OK to stay another day so the first day off will be in eganville hitting the library coffee shop feed store and the old trading post.
My easy boot gloves (hoof boots for you non horse people) are starting to wear out so it’s time to order another set and mend mine until I get the new ones. I hear the rubber on the original epics is thicker and or more durable? I like the gloves but I wouldn’t mind wither trying the back country’s or the epics. (3 different endurance models) 

I’ll end with that and let the hoof boot people chime in.

Here’s to a very surreal first 3 days. And a welcome day off.

Next I will be heading south from eganville to balaclava then south to Barryvale where I will be staying at either a horse farm or a nudist camp!?, then on for a few days before stopping at an old friend’s near Perth for a few days. 

First 3 days on the road

4 thoughts on “First 3 days on the road

    1. Thanks so much Allen. Just to let you know, when I was first planning this trip 3 years ago in Alberta, my dream was to do it with one horse. I came across the story of your long ride along the continental divide and this was a major inspiration. Thanks for that. I still haven’t asked you how you manged to get resupplies, we’ll save that one for another time.

  1. Fabulous! Thanks for the awareness! So sorry I missed you in Ithaca. I would have given you both a warm hug for the journey?Safe travels

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