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First few weeks in Mexico.


I left the Charros of Monterrey on Friday the 13th.

I was to ride to Cadereyta, about 20 miles away.

I had been staying at the Charreria Guajuco Traconsa for a few days since I had crossed the border. I had had an accident at the border where a horse kicked me in my calf so I needed some time off. Day by day the pain lessened so on Friday I finally left.

I was told by Camorras, one of their riders/trainers that I could follow the highway all the way to my destination. I found that it got too narrow by the Monterrey International Airport, so I detoured and crossed thru the east part of Monterrey.

What a doozy of a day. Lots of traffic and pain in my leg.

I made it to my destination very hot and tired.

We had partied the night before.

And as I went to bed at the Charreria in Cadereyta, some of the Charros showed up and partied in their arena. It was a loud and then windy night.

I made it out the next morning and headed south. Still on the outskirts of Monterrey.

I had received a message from the previous nights host that I would be able to stay at someone’s place in the upcoming town.

There was some confusion in regards to this location. It ended up I stayed at another place which ended up for the better, as that nights host in Atongo posted a photo of me that went sort of viral. That morning before I left I ate some awesome freshly fried cucharones. It was so good. Flavio Enrique Morales and his father made them early Sunday morning. Flavio posted a pic on Facebook. Next thing you know I have places lined up for the next few nights.

As I rode to Montemorelos I met a really cool horse guy named Mere Perez, along with his family.

They had seen my pic from that morning on FB. Mere is from Allende, and he knows horse people all over Mexico.

He connected me with several other horse people, including the Calbagantes de Montemorelos. I went there that day and rested a day. Before getting ready to go up to the high mountains, Los Madre Orientales. Oscar and his friends in Montemorelos were awesome, and we ate lots of good food.

I left after a day off towards Huilahuises, where I has a connect from Mere. I stayed the night at a countryside rancho, then made my way thru the back roads, bypassing Linares towards Las Cruzitas, at the foot of the mountains.

Day by day my leg was getting better.

I stayed overnight before heading 25 km up a steep hill, about 950 metres elevation gain.

My destination was Iturbide.

I was shown around town by one of the local police. I got my horse settled in and decided to stay at a hotel and stay for a town horse ride on the Saturday. My hosts were the Jose Maria Sr and Jr (Chema) of Cuadra Arrieros.

That was pretty fun.

On Sunday, I went even higher into the mountains, to Galeana.

Galeana is set in a really beautiful valley.

I arrived at the beautiful town a little hungover. I was greeted by the Cuadra Compromiso and another feast.

They invited to their annual Fiesta the following Saturday, but I declined as I wanted to carry on the next day.

Then we went to a nearby town for another feast.

Then I was offered a trailer ride back from where I was the following Friday, so I could attend their annual horse ride, with hundreds of horse riders.

I said yes! What amazing and generous people.

The next morning I took off for 4 days of riding in the beautiful Sierra Madre Orientales. What a beautiful mountain range.

Here are some pics from


Las cruzitas

La Chona (l’ascensi√≥n)

and La Escondida.

I had great visits with the Cuadra Diamante, as well as Don Humberto, and Johnny and his family.

I had my picture taken about 50 times alone in La Chona, and about 50 times or so along the route. It seems I was popular on “Face”.

I decided to have a Maya Pedal flag made for all of these photos, so I can photo bomb the selfies by promoting the reason I’m actually on this trip!!!

(Why didn’t I think about this months ago, duh!?)

On the Friday, I was trucked back to Galeana. On the way I picked up my gift…

My next post will be about my weekend celebrating Galeana’s 340th birthday.

First few weeks in Mexico.

7 thoughts on “First few weeks in Mexico.

  1. So glad we got to meet you and your purpose..Glad you are safe..Praying that all of this journey is very prosperous..Thank you for sharing your journey..We tell everyone we can about 5000 miles of Hope…The local Vet here was disappointed that he was not available when you came through SMITHWICK,TX..You will be talked about for years to come..Again Thank You..Cookin’On Wood PIT BBQ…

  2. I enjoy seeing all of your photos. You and Roxy are so fortunate to be having this experience and trip of a lifetime ‘on the road’. Safe travels and happy trails to you both!

  3. Well, Chris, u talked about getting in shape before u started the ride. Did u? Or did all the good food and booze get to u?

    1. Hi there,
      On one hand my legs are very strong from all the walking.
      But my belly is not getting smaller, as I’ve been enjoying good food along the way. Mexican food is awesome!
      And here in Mexico, pretty much every 2nd day I’m bombarded with beer, so I’m trying to drink more tequila instead…

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