From Northern to Southern Pennsylvania


We took our extra days off at the 500 mile 2 weeks ago. On Oct 23 we left from Odin in northern Pennsylvania.




In the last 2 weeks we covered 205 miles in 10 days of riding. That’s by far the most on the trip so far. We took our 4 days off on the 4 rain days. I plan for that as best as I can. In 45 days of riding we have ridden in about 3 hours of rain; the weather gods have been on our side so far. We are now at the 695 mile mark after day 63.



Roxy is actually getting more peppy as the ride is going on, while also learning how to use her energy more effectively. She slow trots up or down short hills. I walk the long ones. She usually fast walks thru towns. As of 60 days in, she is getting pretty darn road safe. I started riding her no hands on the ride on the rail trail between emporium and St marys. Now I ride her no hands a lot. And she’s getting the neck reining down too!







We had a very stressful day on a ride a couple weeks ago. Hwy 872 south of coudersport was a narrow windy road with no shoulders. There wasn’t much traffic, but that day Murphys Law was the boss. Every time I heard a car coming I was like: which way is it coming from? …both! And of course, always on a windy hill.  It was 5 miles of the worst riding experience ever. I said to myself after, if I have to go on roads like this much longer, I’ll end the trip before I die, roxy dies, or I cause an accident.
We then spent more time on finding out more back roads to make the trip more enjoyable, but more importantly, more safe.

We rode from northern Pennsylvania to southern Pennsylvania, almost to the West Virginia border. We saw lots of nice areas and met tons of nice people. The area northwest and southwest of Weedville was particularly beautiful.



Our website almost crashed 3 times form all the people viewing it and we had over 8000 views on a post I made of a MAP!!!


The amount of support from the horse people of Pennsylvania has been astounding. I want to thank all of you who shared the posts on social media, as well as the people who offered us a place to stay.




I also had great visits with my hosts along the way. Thanks a lot. My next post will be called the Host Post where I talk about some of the amazing visits I’ve had over the last 2 months.




From Northern to Southern Pennsylvania

6 thoughts on “From Northern to Southern Pennsylvania

    1. Using one hand on the reins to steer the horse is neck reining. There are lots of flow thru tubs for livestock in PA. This one was literally out in the middle of nowhere, probably for hunting dogs and their owners.

  1. What a nice surprise to see the watering trough on the triangle. I knew exactly where that picture was taken as we had a hunting camp about 1/2 mile from there. Brings back a lot of good memories….

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