From Perth to the States


We left perth on Sunday sept the 15.
I stayed at my friend corals house and got to hang out with her and her partner Eric and two children for 3 days. Roxy had unlimited grass to eat, pasture that had been cut for hay 3 weeks prior. I graze hobbled roxy 3 times a day for 2 hours, other than that she was tied to a big honey locust tree in the shade. We rested up and had a good time. I picked up a couple new shirts at the perth reuse centre and gave Coral some gear that I didn’t think I would need on the trip.


I left on Sunday thinking I would do 4 easy days to the border 2 on 1 off, 2 on then the border. The Sunday ride was pretty peppy. 2 days off for roxy was probably not a good idea. She was zooming around.


And the traffic was busy until I got past rideau ferry and took the back way towards 5. It ended up I rode a little further than expected the 1st day making it possible to do the remaining distance in 2 days. Which I did.  I took one day off then went to the border. The 3 days to ride south to the gananoque bridge crossing were quite interesting. I sort of had a truck and trailer lined up for helping me cross the bridge. All my and all Roxy’s paperwork was in order. In fact, Roxy’s paperwork was waiting for me at the usda vet offices  at us customs. It pays to contact the usda vet months in advance.

So I got down to landsdowne in 3 long days and I ended up meeting a whole bunch of great people.


While trying to find a place to stay on a hot tuesday afternoon I got turned around 2 or 3 times before finding a place for Roxy. I stayed at at b and b around the corner.


The next day we went to Laurels place, the vice president of the ontario Morgan horse association. She owns the former riding school stables just north of landsdowne.




We had a rest day there then we prepared to cross the border the next morning. She took pics of Roxy and I emailed her pedigree to the different morgan  associations.

I learned how to remove bot eggs and I trimmed Roxy’s feet in preparation for the new smaller easy boot gloves that were waiting for me in the States.



It was a great visit I learned a lot about Morgans and the chats with John her husband, Cindy first night host, and my b and b hosts at resting rooster farm b and b, Jim and Nancy Langton.


The day we crossed I ended up at the NY state vet in nearby cape vincent by 1130 to do the paperwork for the 6 month interstate horse health passport. To get there we had to go to hell and back. Down hell road and back up constance. I left at 130 and rode 8 miles to chaumont that day. I roade to the end of Hell before entering Chaumont.



I stayed at a great place little hobby farm, horses, goats, and lots of llamas and alpacas. Betsy and her friends were great ambassadors for America and they sent me in the right direction for the next day.



The next day I rode 13 miles to a neat little tack shop. Stonewall Stables and tack run by June Obrien.



I was looking for a day off for the Saturday but Sunday off would work too. I worked out a deal where I would clean the hay room of last years old hay on Saturday in exchange for Saturday off. Roxy got a sweet massage on Friday afternoon and then we had an awesome dinner before checking out the Tin Pan Galley in Sacketts Harbor. The owner/ musician plays two trumpets at once, as well as covering all the hits.
Tomorrow, Sunday, we plan to leave and have a little group ride with some of the locals before I head south to Mexico (new york) to visit an old dog mushing friend.



From Perth to the States

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  1. Great to hear that you and Roxy have negotiated the border and your careful prep has paid off. Enjoying the blog! Many thanks.

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