Galeana horse parade and a few others too


I was invited to come back to Galeana so I could participate in their community horse ride parade (Calbagata), part of their 340th birthday celebration.

I had ridden to a little town called La Escondida in the four days since I first left Galeana.

I had been staying with Johnny and his family, and we had a great time. He gave me an Arramberi horse rider shirt!

I had called Alejandro in Galeana and the driver was supposedly to pick me up at 10am. Alejandro had told me the week before that he was going to grab us, but no it was a driver. And as per usual in a lot of mexican affairs, late. We loaded up at 230 and went back to Galeana. We picked up our special gift in La Chona on the way.

I got checked into a hotel very late and got my gear ready for the next day.

Reuben, my new friends from Pablillo, as well as Adrian, the owner of the Hotel Cuatro Reals and I rode together in the Calbagata. We hung out for a bit at the start, before receiving another shirt!

We rode in the tail end of several hundred riders. It was pretty fun, but Roxy doesn’t like the slow pace of these festive horse rides.

We made it to the arena and they announced me over the speakers and I did a few laps with Roxy. Very honored, thank you Galeana.

Throughout the 2 days there everyone was so nice. It felt great to feel so welcomed.

The next day I got trailered back to Doctor Arroyo, where I stayed with Humberto and Gladys Nino. We did a little ride from his ranch to town the next morning and I got interviewed. I also got a shirt!

That was a cool little visit. I made my way to Matehuala where I stayed for 2 days. I did another calbagata the first afternoon and Roxy really didn’t like the slow pace. To let her relax, I let go of the brakes and she proceeded to hard trot and canter thru town.

Luis donated this Maya Pedal flag to to the journey, and even walked ahead of me the day I left town to support Maya Pedal. THANKS LUIS!!!

I enjoyed my time relaxing in Matehuala with Luis, Benjamin and Valeria, as well as all of the others, but I have come to the conclusion that I don’t think I will ride Roxy in any more parades.

Roxy is not a parade horse.

Galeana horse parade and a few others too

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