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Getting sick on the road


As of mile 3000, I’ve gotten sick 4 different times on this solo horse ride from Canada to Guatemala.

1 Early October
New York
2 days

2 Early December
2 days

3 Mid January
2 days

4 Early May
San Luis Potosi
Heat stroke/ food poisoning
2 days

I have a history of getting sick but for only short times, especially if I’m doing something important. Somehow my body knows how to process the stress quickly.

I try to eat well, I make sure I drink lots of water, and always get lots of sleep. I enjoy my boozy beverages, but always make sure to keep it reasonable.

I also do emotional/ mental energy work and visualizations to further speed the healing process.

I expect that once I arrive in San Andres Itzapa and their Feria is over, I’ll lie down for a while and get some kind of longer cold.

Which is fine. Sometimes you learn the most when you process feeling like crap and it turns back into feeling good again …

Getting sick on the road

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