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In the last 3 months I didn’t post much on the blog.

There are a few reasons for this:
1. Riding thru Oaxaca took all of my energy.
2. It also took all of Roxy’s energy, resulting in time off for some slight lameness to subside.
3. I was finishing my online TEFL English Teaching Course
4. I had problems at the border, then promptly got a bad flu.
5. I had the worst day ever where Roxy suffered a fall and needed vet attention and day time off.
6. Once Roxy’s treatment was stabilized I started looking for English teaching work, after not working for a year.

And finally, WordPress may be great from a laptop or a desktop, but using it, and especially uploading pics by phone was probably the worst part of the trip. The app crashes ALL the time, and if I use the browser version I can only upload 1 photo at a time. WordPress is NOT mobile phone friendly….

The good news is that in the last week I have been riding and writing quite a bit, and have been working on resizing and uploading hundreds of pics (the absolute worst time consumer of the whole process). I am also going to be getting a tablet shortly to write the book. Hopefully I can be more efficient using that device.

I look forward to sharing a few blog posts in the little bit!

Including posts on the pedal powered machines of Maya Pedal, International Girls Day, Getting Roxy Tired Part 3, and the horse parade of Zaragoza, as well as the World Horse Welfare project based in that town…

Thanks for following.