Hoof Armor


I don’t know how many of you ride your horses barefoot.

Since I got horses almost 4 years ago, mine have always been unshod.



I invested in hoof boots to use occasionally but for the most part, I rode both of them barefoot.

As the mileage went up in training pre trip then during this trip, I began using easyboots most of the time.


However, I continued going barefoot some of the time to keep the hooves tough. When the trip ends, I will be back to barefoot primarily. It helps that where I’m going has mostly sand and gravel, versus hard abrasive pavement.


I ride Roxy about 20 miles of 90 a week barefoot. To help with that I started using the Hoof Armor product right after Christmas 2017.

Abrasive Resistant Hoof Protection | Hoof Armor

Hoof Armor is a protective flexible coating made of epoxy and kevlar. It adds a thin layer that prolongs wear and reduces sensitivity. It also helps with balancing moisture in the hoof – not too dry, not too wet.

I’ve noticed it works well also keeping the the hoof clean as well.

When it is applied, proper technique is essential. The hoof must be clean and dry After it is applied, the hoof needs an hour in a clean and dry environment to set properly.

Otherwise it’s a waste of time.



The applicator tube has enough product to apply to 8 hooves. Roxy has small feet, I find I can get enough to apply to 16 hooves, so 4 applications.

If applied too thinly, it works but not for long. If applied to thickly, it doesn’t set right.


All in all, I think it’s a good product to use to keep the hooves clean and tough.

Hoof Armor

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