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Many people have gone on long trips by horse over the ages. Some of these people wrote accounts of their trips.

For a comprehensive list of old horse travel journals please follow this link to the long riders guild.


In the modern era, we can blog in real time, and/or post on social media. The modern rider chooses how much or how little to divulge in real time with the wider public.

I have chosen to use the following social media platforms in specific ways.

I will publish a book about the journey, post trip, but more on that in a bit. Here’s my edible gardening book:


I have a website and a blog that links to the other platforms such as Gofundme, Facebook and Instagram. I have a YouTube account but I haven’t uploaded videos yet as I found it was tricky at times to get a good connection for uploading videos quickly. I will use YouTube when I partner up with Maya Pedal next winter. All the links can be found at


I use the blog in particular to reach people who don’t use FB or the others. I write stories occasionally, and I like to include a lot of photos. I don’t write diary style because frankly that’s not my style. Furthermore, there is just a lot of stuff I have seen and experienced that I don’t want to make public, possibly ever, or at least until the trip is over and I’m back in a semi sedentary lifestyle.

I link to the Gofundme for Maya Pedal from the website.

FB I use to link my blog posts and Instagram photos. I don’t tell long stories on FB that often. I try to keep that for the blog.

The blog is mine, I pay for the hosting service.

FB is not ours, we use it for free in exchange for data mining. I appreciate it’s value, but I don’t like it’s monolithic reach.

Some people don’t even go off of FB, to other parts of the Internet. That’s kind of sad and scary.

I don’t use Twitter, I find it strange, and I like to use Instagram for a daily pic that goes straight to the FB page.

I set up a FB page for the trip because of the Maya Pedal Horse Ride Fundraiser. If I had chosen to not do a fundraiser, you can bet your bottom dollar I wouldn’t have set up a trip FB page. It would have been blog only.

I use my personal FB page for personal stuff and I don’t like how it overlaps with the trip page at times. I don’t appreciate how people who liked my FB page, then friended me, take offense with some of what I write on my personal page. They are separate. End of story.

To help keep the two accounts separate I changed my personal settings from public to very private over the course of the trip. I also just found out that if you don’t make your posts viewable by just friends, then all of your posts can be seen by “followers” once they try to friend you. Creepy.

When the trip and fundraiser conclude next spring I will do a few things differently:

1. I will FB purge my personal page extensively. I will also take a hiatus from FB.

2. I will put the trip FB page in semi hibernation.

3. I will continue to post on this blog from time to time with Roxy, horse travel and Maya Pedal stories.

4. I will publish an all ages coffee table type photo essay of my journey and work with Maya Pedal. “5000 miles of hope: the good” if you will. A nice book for the family.

5. I will publish a second book for serious readers and those possessed by the spirit of learning. This will be an extensive commentary on anything and everything. Relating to what I saw and experienced preparing for the trip, during the trip, and post trip. It will cover many socio-political and economic topics in exhaustive detail. Not for the faint of heart, nor the timid reader. “5000 miles of hope: the bad and the ugly”…bound to offend probably everyone…

I will keep them divided and separate. For obvious reasons.

6. I will live my life post trip in a semi private manner. The books will be how I share detailed events and perspectives.

I will not be telling the public/ strangers where I am or what I am doing that day.