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Inspired by our first solo horse ride, 5000 miles of hope, it’s now time for:

5001, La Gran Cabalgata




In 2018, after successfully completing our 13 month, 5000 mile international horse ride, we are heading back on the road, Roxy leading the way…

Long ride 5001 begins in the Guatemalan Highlands followed by a year long tour through horse-loving Mexico.

(Roxy eating grass January 22, 2019. The white mark on her back is from a saddle issue I had last year. I was given an old saddle, but there was a slight friction spot. After assessing the situation, the saddle was modified, the problem went away, the hair is growing back and there is no tenderness. White hairs are usually from OLD issues, and can take months to go back to normal colour. When getting a new or used saddle, please check the fit and wear over time to prevent these marks! And, if you end up getting a sore or friction spot, remove the cause!)



This time the journey is the destination, and the journey is about sharing horse health, horse experiences and horse stories.

The measure of success of this trip will be less about getting somewhere and more about sharing horse knowledge and experiences, with my hosts and online.

The ride starts in April, but with all the preparation required it feels like it’s already started!

We are grateful and lucky to have an amazing team backing us up. We are riding for and with these great partners, sponsors and beneficiary:


Our ride beneficiary: Grupo Ecuestre



We are raising funds for this Equine therapy group, located just north of México City. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DONATION HERE. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! THANK YOU!!!


Please take a look at our website to check out the work of our trip beneficiary and partners. I have made individual pages for each of them.


Federación de Calbagantes Mexico a Caballo



Dr. J. Concepcion Hernandez Ramirez



The Long Riders Guild



Over the next few weeks I will share our partner profiles so you can be get a clearer idea of how we are riding and why!


BIG NEWS! We are going to be featured on a weekly Mexican TV show Bridon TV. Our weekly reports will highlight where we travelled, what we saw, who we met and what we ate!

This footage will be just a part of what I hope to gather for the post trip movie.

Easyboot is back on board for this trip. Big ups to their whole crew!

I’ve got a few other sponsors in mind that I’ll be approaching in the next few weeks. If you happen to know any companies that may be interested in joining up with us, please let me know. And of course, I am looking for producers/ investors for the film. I will have my photo book from our first trip published in April. I’m really proud of that. But I want to take the next trip to another level…



I’m super excited about 5001. Everything just feels right.

I’ve been working super hard to get things lined up behind the scenes over the last couple of months. We leave the beginning of April, 9 weeks from now.

The main things that stand out for me regarding our upcoming trip:


My ride beneficiary understands what we are doing and why we are doing it. They are horse people…

Also, feedback from friends and followers regarding this next trip is very positive. They understand what Grupo Ecuestre does and why I would support their cause. This synergy is important for me.

2. Celebrating horse culture

Our second ride is all about HORSES. Horses and nothing but horses. It’s going to be a big horse party! LET’S RIDE!!!

3. Opportunity to share horse experiences, particularly horse health and horse travel.

I will be riding less each day and month to make time for sharing more horse videos, interviews, and stories both online and with my hosts. I will be giving presentations regarding horse travel. In specific: feeding the road horse; caring for its feet; saddling the road horse; and finally, how to travel successfully.

4. Horse as therapy.

My relationship with Roxy has deepened over the 4 years I’ve owned her, especially since we finished the last ride and I dealt with her injury. For me, having the opportunity to care for and be around a horse like Roxy is truly a blessing. I know that I am truly privileged.

5. Riding in Mexico again, the mecca of group horse rides.

Mexico is like heaven if you want to go on a long ride by horse. That’s it, I said it!!! I met so many people there that are now my friends. They want me to come back so we can ride together again. I can’t wait….




As I gaze into the future I see a busy couple months. My schedule is as follows:

  • Teach
  • Train.
  • Finish my book and promote it.
  • Finalize sponsorships.
  • Spread the story.
  • Raise funds for the trip as well as Grupo Ecuestre.
  • Get my new gear, including camera gear.
  • Practice filming.

I’m working out the dual language kinks on the new pages. Shortly they should show up in English if you’re browsing on an English server, and Spanish on an Spanish one. There is also a language selector on the top right of blog posts and in the top right tabs of the site pages. I’m trying to find a widget to show options for Spanish or English right on the pages as well.

Thank you for your interest in our ride! If you have any questions or comments, you can send me a private message or a comment below.

Let’s celebrate the beauty and majesty of horses…



5000 miles of hope on FB and Instagram