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Ivan Chavez | Profile and Interview | DAY 128


Ivan Chavez is a horse lover as well as a materials specialist. He lives in Mexico City.


After hearing about him via my friend and horse trainer Carlos Mancera Esquivel, I visited him in early September to attach his hybrid horseshoes to the bottom of my worn out Easyboot Originals, as well as make new saddle pad “booties” for my customized Orthoflex Traditional. Check out my upcoming posts on these two travel mods.

Ivan Chavez, materials specialist. CDMX, Mexico.
Easyboot Original with Chavez horseshoe.
Chavez horseshoe inset into Easyboot Original.
Chris MacLuckie custom travel saddle with new saddle pad/ booties.
Booties underneath the flex panels.
Double layered plastic panels with front and rear reinforcement. Covered by felt/ leather booties, with neoprene insert.
Custom set up for 5000 miles of hope, facilitated by Ivan Chavez.

Ivan is a man of knowledge and skill and he was a great help to our long ride. Thank you Ivan.

Above is an audio file of my interview with him. You can download the file and share it with your friends!

During the day, he makes custom industrial parts and supplies, mostly out of plastics, via specialized molds. Since 2003 he has been supplying businesses with on demand parts for when they can’t source them elsewhere at a reasonable price.

He started making horse tack in 2013 for 2 main reasons:
  1. For better conditions for his horses.
  2. To test his knowledge.
He makes
  • Saddle pads
  • Halters
  • Bridles
  • Training lines
  • Training whips
  • Horse shoes
  • Hoof boots
Felt/ neoprene pad. 15mm + 10mm.
Leather/ neoprene pad.
25mm genuine wool felt. 100%.
15mm genuine wool felt. 88%.
Economical synthetic felt.
Carlos holding a training line. Roxy wearing a new lightweight halter.
A variety of production hybrid horseshoes and prototype hoofboots.

Now he sells some of his products.

Polyurethane / Steel Horseshoes $850 pesos / 4
Halters + Training Lines 500 pesos
Ultralightweight halters and specially weighted training lines.
Training Whips 350 pesos

He is securing a seamstress to sew the felt hybrid saddle pads and then will be offering those for sale.

He is also prototyping some hoof boots. Once they are proven, they will be presented on the market as well. Currently, his hybrid horseshoes are available for both front and rear hoofs.

You can contact Ivan directly to purchase any of his tack, or to request a special order. After all, that’s what he does for a living.



Ivan Chavez | Profile and Interview | DAY 128

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