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La Terraza HM | Profile and Interview


La Terraza HM | Profile and Interview


Jessica Mata, Designer and Seamstress, Escaramuza Fashion.


Jessica Mata is an Escaramuza who began designing clothing in 2011, when finishing her university degree. She is based out of Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Mexico. She makes custom outfits for Escaramuzas, Charros, and Mariachis.


I first met Jessica in June 2018 while traveling southbound from Canada to Guatemala. We stayed in touch and I stayed at her ranch again while riding north on our second trip.


For those of you unfamiliar with the world of Escaramuzas, it is the counterpoint to the famous World of Mexican Charreria (Mexican Cowboy Competitions).

The Escaramuza also competes in the round arena in teams. Their events are on horseback, and feature synchronized movements, all while dressed immaculately AND riding side saddle!!!

The clothing is a big part of the Charro and Escaramuza culture. Jessica designs this clothing, as well as for Mariachis.

Here are some of her featured designs. I’ve also included an interview in Spanish for you to enjoy!

Welcome to the world of Mexican Escaramuzas!!!

La Terraza HM | Profile and Interview

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