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The Bici-molino is possibly the most used in the Maya Pedal collection of pedal powered machinery. It is a grain mill, which for many people in Guatemala use daily to grind corn for food and feed -by hand…


The Urban Edible Gardening Guidebook

Maya Pedal director Mario Juarez, San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala

The pedal powered mill is a step up in speed and efficiency. 3-7 times faster and more efficient than hand cranked. The arms are saved for other, more vital tasks and hobbies.

Most units are sold as a stand alone appliance, some are sold as a multi-purpose model with blenders, metal grinders or other food/ feed grinders attached.

5000 Miles of Hope

The magic of the pedal powered technology is that once in place, the power comes from the legs. And the legs get stronger each time you use it.


A sustainable spin class if you will.

In 100 days, I start on The Maya Pedal Horse Ride Fundraiser, raising funds for their valuable work in Guatemala, and indirectly, around the world.


Come join me on this voyage!

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