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Mile 3300 / 275 days on the road

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(Cover photo courtesy of Jacinta Maria Peregrovas)

I wrote this post while taking some days off at Rancho el Rosal just outside of Pachuca, Hidalgo.

It’s been 275 days on the road, and we have covered 3300 miles, or 5280 kilometers.

That’s 12 miles a day or 365 miles a month. 20 days of 30 each month riding, 10 days per month rest, which equals 18 miles per day ridden.

Over the 9 months on the road, I’ve been riding 330 to 460 miles per month. The average is 365 miles or 584 km per month.

With 1000 miles left to reach the Guatemalan border by early October, I will ride about 250 miles per month. I can ride 15 miles 17 days per month and still be on schedule. That is a much lower output than the 18 miles 20 days per month I was averaging until this point. However, the hills are rougher in Mexico so it’s better I do less miles per day, with more days off. Supposedly the terrain in Oaxaca and Chiapas will be quite challenging.

The lower mileage means I also get more time to enjoy the rich culture, the natural beauty, the delicious cuisine, and the overwhelming hospitality of Mexico…

So far, this trip from Canada to Guatemala has been filled with so many adventures and new friendships. I will cherish both the good and bad from this trip for the rest of my life. There’s still so many days left until I reach Guatemala and then Maya Pedal in San Andres Itzapa. What I have planned for down there is pretty exciting for me as well. I look forward to sharing it as it unfolds.

I would like to thank my sponsors


Mad Barn

Hoof Armor


Eli Miller Saddles.

I would also like to thank all of you who follow and support this trip of mine.

Please take a moment to look at the wonderful work Maya Pedal is doing for the people of Guatemala. I have been raising funds and awareness for them over the last year. The fundraiser will continue until next April.

This is their site.


You can donate via PayPal on this link.


I’ve shared hundreds of photos on this blog and on Facebook and Instagram I hope you have enjoyed them.

When the trip and fundraiser is over, I will work on 2 books. The first will interest most of you. It will tell the story of my trip and Maya Pedal thru photos. I will add little stories to them and hope to bring the feelings of my trip to life.

Thanks for being part of it!

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Mile 3300 / 275 days on the road

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