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Month 5 | Takeaways

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Here are my 5 takeaways from Month 5:

  • Mexican Horse culture
  • Cities and Towns
  • Hoof care
  • Teaching English
  • Team


Mexican Horse culture

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The horse culture in Mexico is pretty substantial.
As I reached the Mexican altiplano, the ranch horses of the coast were replaced with the horses of the cabalgantes and charros. The men and women in the Highlands enjoy their horses and many of them really know their stuff. Some are also as old school as it gets, and resistant to change and improvements that could really benefit their horses health.
I really like hanging out with the horse people who are continual learners. I also like hanging out with the passionate owners as well.

My takeaway is that Mexico has ALL kinds of horses and ALL kinds of horse people, using and enjoying them for all kinds of reasons.


Cities and Towns

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I made my way around some congested areas this last month.
In the month of September I also entered CDMX, Pachuca, and Queretaro (several times), just not with Roxy. I went job looking in Queretaro, and it probably is just too big for me. Especially after riding most of the last 2 years, and living in a small cabin off grid for 2 years before THAT!..
For the most part of my adult life, I’ve enjoyed being in the country and small towns. City stuff is something to do for a day or two, and to get something done.

My takeaway is that is you are travelling with a horse, visit the cities by car or bus, and leave the horse at a ranch.


Hoof care

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I love hoof boots, that I don’t have to use shoes, but getting them on a budget into Mexico is hard.
I tried out adding my friends hybrid horseshoes to the bottom of my old Easyboot Originals. It’s promising, but we need to beef up his shoes, and attach them to the side of the boot, not the bottom. The other retread options is old truck tire sidewalls. Other than that, I can order new boots every 2 months. But I really don’t want to if I can just add a new sole.

My takeaway here is that you gotta do what you gotta do…


Teaching English

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Travelling by horse is one thing. Looking for a job while travelling by horse is another thing altogether.
I reached Queretaro with a bad cold, but I got over it then started looking for work teaching English. It’s kind of weird to be riding and looking for work. There’s tons of work available in Queretaro the capital, but I will lose my mind there. So help me find my dream place teaching and living the country life!

My takeaway is that everyone’s journey is unique and ends differently…



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The Team behind 5000 Miles of Hope is LARGE….
Hosts, guides, sponsors, partners, supporters, fellow horse lovers, family, friends, on line fans. All of you make The Team. It’s a good team too, I thank YOU. ALL OF YOU…for being here for me and Roxy in small or large ways, for short or long periods.

My takeaway is that an expedition is led by one man or women, but behind them stands a mountain of support.


Month 5 | Takeaways

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