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New Year, New Ride Update

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I decided in late October I was going to go back on the road.

In early December I got serious about it and approached different individuals, groups and organizations to see if they wanted to partner up for this next epic ride.
I’ve been working hard at this and some SUPER interesting developments are unfolding. I am still ironing our some promo details, but I should be able to go public with all of this in the very near future.

I can share this right now:
It looks like we are taking off early to mid April, and the ride will be up to a year…

When I’m not busy designing new web pages and writing back and forth online, I’m teaching English or out 6 days a week with my trusted ride Roxy.
We are mixing up walking and riding days. The walking days are up and down STEEP hills. And the riding days are 2-4 hour rides just to bring her slowly into peak form.

I weighed myself the other day and I’m almost as low as I was 3 winters ago. I think with some serious walking and running I can get below 160!

I recently bought some new but old Scott trail runners for dirt cheap and they are so great for the hills. I think I’m going with these babies for next ride. It’s just so much more comfortable to walk hard with these shoes, compared to heavier boots.

Here’s some photos of the last several weeks:


And here are some photos from the first trip:



Enjoy your rides and all the best making your own adventure!

New Year, New Ride Update

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