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Oh, the times they are a changing…

The basis of movement.
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A new future lies in front of us.
I feel this future is a different one, in the sense that we can really, really shape the outcome by our actions today.


This is the time to recommit to core values, and to bring in new habits that reflect our new priorities.

I’m taking this time to reflect on my deep dreams and goals, as well as as to let go of all and everything that isn’t essential to my well-being.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with social media since I starting used it in 2008. Social media to me is where people come together to share and comment rapidly. -I don’t consider emailing or surfing the web, writing in a blog “social media”.

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The crazy events of 2020 have led me to consider making some strong changes to my life:

1. Dropping social media
2. Focusing on my real relations
3. Continue with my horse goals
4. Sharing my story and photos exclusively via my blog

How I intend to accomplish this is relatively easy:

I am moving to an area with no cell phone reception and poor internet. So really, even if I wanted to continue the Social Media addiction, it’s kind of impossible there.

I will be partnering with the owners of a remote ranch. Their approach to the COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing recession is to retreat into their practical life and become even even more self reliant. As much of the world is becoming more active online, they and I are going to be going in the opposite direction. Building strong and enduring physical and community relations.

The ranch owner works the land with his animals. He is opening up his land even more, so I will be able to use Roxy in the fields, as well as breed her to the Andalusian donkey I featured last year.


I will post once or twice a month in my blog. I’m considering putting up a gallery as well, with the best of photos for each year. Other than that, it’s telephone and email baby!

By making these differences I can see at least 4 big changes:

1. A healthier physical lifestyle
2. Less anxiety from having to check up on line and look for the likes
3. More time to write articles, and books
4. An opportunity to re-tune myself to the energies of the earth and the universe.

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We are all going to need allies and support systems in the future, more than ever.

It looks to me like many people are getting drawn into their virtual communities more and more each day. I can relate to why this is an attraction. I think I understand people’s need to be part of something bigger.

I’m also seeing something, a direct effect of the quarantine.

What I’m seeing here is:

1. An obedience to government
2. A need for the government to solve all the problems
3. A abdication of personal rights
4. An explosion in online activity.
5. Microbe phobia.

Either one of these phenomenon by themselves doesn’t alarm or surprise me much. But put all together, I see a future straight out of the worst science fiction dystopias.

I see a cyber controlled world.

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A world where physical interactions come second to technology and the virtual.
A barren landscape devoid of natural biological ecosystems.
Where Big Solutions and Big Technology is Going To Save the Day.
Where people will be willing to give up their freedoms for their security.

And here’s where I see all that unfolding:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon.

While we sit and enjoy these medias, every single like, comment and visit is tracked.

But not just that.

Personal profiles, for each and everyone one of us, are being created. For what end?

1. To manipulate election results? This one has already been proven.
2. To sway popular opinion? Again proven.
3. To create substitute identities of our very selves, that can be used in mock exercises?
4. To sell us more garbage?

The list goes on. The data tracking gets more pervasive and precise.

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I ask myself this: Who’s playing who? In other words, are we using technology, or is it using us?

This is what I am getting at by mentioning allies and support systems. These technologies that seem to make our lives so much better, do they really have our best interest in mind? Are they going to be there for us when shit REALLY hits the fan?

It’s easy to get deceived by these systems as being our friends and allies.

But real allies and support systems have our back always and no matter what. And that’s why I’ve made the decisions to work with real things: People, Plants, Animals, The earth.
I can count on them. And they can count on me.

Reflect well, and choose your adventure wisely…

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I’d love to know your thoughts on these matters. Feel free to comment below, or send me an email!


Oh, the times they are a changing…

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