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This is what I feed Roxy now that we are in the dry season.

Roxy 925lbs

Per day:

1/5th roughage bale ~10lbs
1/3 quality bale 42lb ~14lbs

Fed over 4 meals

3 of the 4 meals include feed:

Each time
1lb Afrecho (wheat bran)
1lb Omelina 300
80-100 ml canola oil
30 ml Mad Barn MacLuckie Custom Supplement

Moistened thoroughly with water. Placed over roughage hay.

25-30 litres of water per day.

I will go up to 10-15lbs pounds total of dry feed (afrecho/ omelina 300) feed 3 times daily as I increase training over the next 10 weeks.

One of my goals for this upcoming trip is to ride less. Why?

One main reason is I don’t want to have to give feed based on what I saw most horse owners give their horses first time round. Most of the feed on the road is either corn or corn based. And corn is not what I want to give Roxy, not after seeing what it did to her feet last summer.

If I ride less, I can get away with giving grass or hay, and adding good feed when it is available. However, I’m going to approach a quality feed manufacturer to see if they want to sponsor our next trip. If I can get my hands on a consistent source of quality feed that isn’t sugar/ starch overkill, I’m all for it.

I’ll let you know what comes of that.

So this is my dry season feed program. What is yours?