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Our dry season feed program

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This is what I feed Roxy now that we are in the dry season.

Roxy 925lbs

Per day:

1/5th roughage bale ~10lbs
1/3 quality bale 42lb ~14lbs

Fed over 4 meals

3 of the 4 meals include feed:

Each time
1lb Afrecho (wheat bran)
1lb Omelina 300
80-100 ml canola oil
30 ml Mad Barn MacLuckie Custom Supplement

Moistened thoroughly with water. Placed over roughage hay.

25-30 litres of water per day.

I will go up to 10-15lbs pounds total of dry feed (afrecho/ omelina 300) feed 3 times daily as I increase the training.


It is now Jan 19th. I will be leaving on the road in 10 weeks.

One of my goals for this upcoming trip is to ride less. Why?

One main reason is I don’t want to have to give feed. As most of the feed on the road is either corn or corn based. And corn is not what I want to give Roxy, not after seeing what it did to her feet last summer.

If I ride less, I can get away with giving grass or hay, and good feed when it is available. I’m approaching a quality feed manufacturer to see if they want to sponsor our next trip. I’ll let you know what comes of that.

So this is my dry season feed program.

What is yours?

Our dry season feed program

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