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Mexican Cabalgata- one of the most favorite national pastimes.


To make this long forgotten dream of shooting and sharing come true I need to up my device game.

I’ve been shooting with an old Galaxy S5, the camera is decent but it’s not a pro set up by ANY means!
The other day I bought a plug in mic, a selfie stick/ tripod, a 3rd phone battery and an extra battery power bank. This is THE START for minimal vlogging.


Should be here early May. Vlogging starts soon.


BUT, to film while moving, and to edit, I need to kick it up a notch. With these items:
*a handheld micro film recorder- Osmo Pocket Handheld Gimbal $500 with acc.
*an updated phone LG V20, etc $250


*a DJI Spark Mini Drone. $500 with accessories.

The drone is by no means essential, but it would make for some incredible footage. A stabilized handheld IS essential for capturing any kind of in motion footage. GoPros are always an option, but I don’t really like the footage look. I’m not really looking for “action” style, but more of a cinematographic look. After all, I’m doing most of my travelling at 5-6kms an hour.


Oaxacan dreams are made of Maguey.


I honour water as the source of life.

I knew when my first trip from Canada to Guatemala finished it would be time to work. I’ve been teaching here for the last 5 months. It took me 2 months after I arrived to get a job on the town I want, but I’ve been teaching part time. I’ve had 2 schools offer me more work, but when they heard I was heading back on the road, they rescinded their offers. I’ve been living tight here, it’s been hard to save up.

But I take hope. One, I wouldn’t have been offered more work if I wasn’t a decent teacher. Number 2, I’m living according to my values. My horse is worth more to me than settling down here just to get a full time job. I’m not going to chance her getting stolen or run over, just to continue living here.

So it’s back on the road to Mexico for about a year!!! When THAT trip is over I will repeat the write and teach routine, but in a safer place, and one where I can pick up more hours…

If you like the 5000 Miles of Hope mission and vision, perhaps you would like to back our next trip as a Producer/ Sponsor? Any kind of help is appreciated.

THE BIG GOAL OF OUR NEXT TRIP IS TO MAKE A MOVIE. A movie about performance and working horses, and Mexican horse culture….
I can’t do this all on my own. I’m a hard worker and a quick learner, but I need a team and more resources.

Donations over $250 USD will be recognized on our website and blog as an official sponsor. Your name or the name of a charity you want mentioned will be added.

Can I ask you to share this around? The more people that know about this the merrier!

Our web store currently features 6 books. If you want to learn about horse travel you can purchase any of these books HERE. Buying my horse travel books helps me continue to travel! Spanish versions are coming shortly!!!

To be continued in Part 5: TEACHING AND FUTURE BOOKS


…and Maguey becomes Mescal…