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Preparation and Persistence

The beginning of a legendary journey.
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“Stretch your mind | Adapt | Hang loose and be ready…Otherwise get left behind…”

Chris MacLuckie
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September 4, 2017 | Rockingham, Canada. Chris MacLuckie and purebred Morgan mare OTR She Roxs, b.2008.

This was the first day of my first journey by horse. But it was 3 years after dedicating myself completely to learning what I needed to endure a year long ride.

I made countless untold sacrifices to make it to DAY 1. I studied up for years, reading from The Long Riders Guild. I talked to various experienced Long Riders. I made all the tack and riding mistakes, and almost all of them BEFORE I left.

To make it to DAY 375, I endured various hells, and kept on going on. Roxy proved faithful to the T and never let me down.

Then we rested up…

Roxy and I did it AGAIN, for another 6 months. And now here we are in November 2019, Roxy kicking out a gaited walk smoother than ever…

You don’t get this far without a SUPER horse.
You don’t get this far without IRON will.
And you don’t get this far without MAJOR sacrifice, and the willingness to adapt and change to become what is needed to accomplish your goals.

My dream. My goal. My accomplishment.

Now, what’s your dream? And how are YOU going to DO it???

Stay tuned for my next goals….

Preparation and Persistence

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