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We are taking a few days off near Austin and getting ready for our transition into Mexico.

We started planning this trip almost 4 years ago. At first I was going to take my Tacoma down to Guatemala, but then after reflection decided it would be better to have horses down there.

I have been travelling solo for over half a year on unknown roads. I take every part of this trip seriously. If I didn’t, it would have already ended prematurely for any number of reasons.

One of the books I read to help me prepare was the

Horse Travel Handbook

By CuChullaine O’Reilly

He also runs


The premier website resource for long distance horse rides.

Mr O’Reilly recommended I go thru Mexico carefully and with 2 horses. Many of you have recommended I bypass it altogether.

I corresponded with Long Rider Filipe Leite, who rode from Calgary Alberta to Brazil, the later from Brazil to Patagonia. He told me not to worry about it. He said that although Mexico was dangerous as f–k, it was his favorite country of his very international trip.

After lots of analysis, we have come to the following decision:

We will cross the border into Mexico at an undisclosed location with a broker, truck and trailer. We will drive south a few hundred miles south of the border before beginning the Mexican part of the journey.

Furthermore, we will not be uploading photos and stories in real time. Also, we may put the wrong town name alongside a photo. I will not be uploading direction of travel maps, timelines, nor announcing where I am in real time.

All this is for our security. The less people know where we are and where we are going, the better. We will be bypassing all heavy tourist areas, major cities, and the border area.

Our transport south will cost a little more than expected. To help with expenses we are putting together a saddles for sale post. We have 3 saddles for sale, near Ottawa. We need these saddles sold by April to help with our costs.They are English, Icelandic and Australian. All in the 15-16” range.

If you ever were thinking of a donation to my journey costs, now is the time. You can donate here:


The Maya Pedal Horse Ride Fundraiser continues, until next April. Donations for Maya Pedal can be made here. We thank all of you who have donated and spent time looking at this appropriate technology.