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Preparing to Enter Guatemala


We are getting close to the Guatemalan border!!!

Physical 3D Map of Guatemala, shaded relief outside

I’ve been really loving Mexico. It’s a wonderful, friendly country full of great people, scenery and food.

But I’m also excited to cross into the country I called home for a while, all those years ago. It will be a blast to hook up with Maya Pedal, the group for which I’ve been raising funds and awareness.


Here are some photos from 15 years ago when I volunteered for them:

I’m ready to start my new life down there, to get my hands dirty volunteering with Maya Pedal, as well as to teach English.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been preparing all the logistics to cross the border. Shipments to either country for things like hoof boots, horse supplements, memory foam pad and stuff I left behind along route. And of course all the paperwork needed to cross from one country to another.

Mad Barn Supplements and Easycare/ Easyboots are coming thru with some final donations for the trip and cause. My endurance friend/ logistical wizard, Fernando Paiz, will help get the goods to me on the Mexican and Guatemalan side of the border.


We have another 6-10 weeks before arriving at the border. Then another 2-4 weeks from the border to San Andres Itzapa. I can assure you it will be a joyful occasion.

I still have 3 saddles for sale in Eganville Canada. They are all in good to great shape.

I’m looking to sell them all before I cross the border, so I can use the money to help with the crossing costs.

If you can share this post with your friends that would be great!!!

The ad on kijiji.


If you want to make a donation directly to our trip you can at the bottom of this page link. Via PayPal.


And if you would like to make a donation to Maya Pedal you can go to the same page and follow the link at the top to our Gofundme page:



Here are the saddles:

16 English (14″ western) $300

17″ Australian (15″ western) $300

17″ Icelandic (15″ western) $200

The ride south has been a blast. At 6000 kms in, I could have never expected it to go so well.

I look forward to sharing with all of you why I call this trip more than just a horseback adventure. As I start posting photos from Guatemala, I’m sure you’ll see why.

Preparing to Enter Guatemala

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