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Riding around San Andres Itzapa


As Roxy healed up, I settled into town and life here.

I started walking Roxy…

Then I started riding her.

It took 6 weeks for the wound to completely heal, and 3 weeks for it to heal enough to ride. It’s luck and a blessing that nothing worse than this happened.

Here are some of the pics from October 2018. San Andres Itzapa, and surroundings.

The weather here has been what I’ve been looking forward to the whole trip.

About 18-25c during the day, 10-18c at night. This is for October at 1800 metres elevation. The end of the rainy season is nearing, but right now it’s combined with hurricane season. Too much rain.

In November it starts to dry up, but the nights get cooler as well. A north wind called “el norte” blows in from November to January. Nights close to freezing at times. By February things start to warm up, by April or May it can get up to 30c at times during the day. The onset of the rainy season, usually in June, brings down the daytime highs quite a bit.

Guatemala’s catchphrase is

Todavía Primavera.

Always Spring.

At elevations above 1500m, it pretty much always seems that way…

Riding around San Andres Itzapa

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