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Riding to the Combermere Farmers Market



Here are some pics from the last few weeks at the farmers market in Combermere.

The first week I rode in the barnsby with no added weight. Sierra, my neighbor, joined me with her fine pony Joe. The next two weeks I rode in the Stubben Siegfried replica with almost trip weights.
The 18-19 mile return trip went pretty well all 3 weeks. The route combines dirt roads, atv trails, paved roads, and rivers!
The times went up week by week- which is fine. I want a fast walker and  little trotter, not a galloper!

The first week we did 1 hour 20 minutes to get there, 1 hour 15 minutes on return. The next two weeks I did about 2 hours each way.

Along theses rides I get off and walk occasionally. At water crossings I let Roxy drink. At the market I meet and greet as many people as we can. Roxy remembers people she met the week before.

I got the memory foam stitched to the wool blanket and it works very well, except the foam I used it too floppy for long term use. I will replace it with denser foam this next week. The foam under the pad/ blanket helps with reducing friction and saddle sores. Big thanks to Lynn Cheffins in Bonnechere Caves for all my custom sewing. She will sew up all your stuff and she’s has all the right gear.

In other news, the decision was made to sell Jingles. She was sold to a local woman who wants to get into competition. She is being stabled at the Whitewater Equestrian Centre in nearby Pembroke. She was well received and is fitting in well. I’m happy she’s in the type of home she deserves and being ridden- not just looked at. So long Jingles…

So now it’s just Roxy and I and we’re making the best of it.

And when I’m not riding, this is my current reading… Camping Wilderness Survival by Paul Tawrell.


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Riding to the Combermere Farmers Market

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