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SABESA saddle bags, creams and workshops

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I went to drop off my saddle bags with my friend Otto at SABESA…He’s a farrier, trimmer, leather worker and saddle maker. He made these saddle bags for me but now we are going to get some new logos put into the leather.

As I was waiting I chatted with my friend Leonardo, the regional director of SABESA. He showed me the new salves and dewormer they are making for the communities they work with.

He invited me to Zaragoza on Friday to take part in a workshop they are putting on regarding animal welfare. So that people like this may think twice about riding a horse like that…

More of SABESA’s work here:


When I take off in 4 weeks, I’ll pass by their location and give a presentation on long distance horse travel something I’ll be doing all throughout our next trip.

I’m sure Otto will have my bags ready by then with my new logos. I’m going to give him 4 old easyboots originals in exchange so he can play around with making a Guatemala version of them.


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SABESA saddle bags, creams and workshops

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