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San Luis Potosi and Queretaro


Once I crossed from Doctor Arroyo towards Matehuala I was now in San Luis Potosi.

I travelled thru this state for 2 weeks before entering Queretaro. I travelled in Queretaro for another 2 weeks before entering Hidalgo at El Geiser. We rode 340 miles in in 25 days. 18 days of riding. My leg was pretty much back to normal by Rio Verde.

I travelled thru the following towns:


El carmen


Los alomas

El quelital

Villa juarez


Río verde


San ciro de acosto




Pinal de Árboles




El Geiser

Pretty much everyone was welcoming. Thank you Mexico!!!

I left Matehuala after 2 days of partying and drinking. I was looking forward to a break from the partying.

I made it El Carmen the first day out – and we partied again. At least I went to bed early that night. My new friend Luis from Matehuala walked again head of me that day to show support for Maya Pedal. What a champ!

I rode to near Huizache the next day, another flat day beside a busy highway. I easily joined by my new friends for some of the ride. I stayed with Juan Torres the singer.

The next day I bypassed Huizache and headed into the back hills to Los Amolas. This place was full of donkeys, mules and horses. I took a day off there then continued towards Rio Verde.

I rode thru some amazing forests then made my way thru a semi desert to El Quelital where I stayed with Cali.

The next day I made my way to Villa Juarez. Then the next to Progresso. Finally a long day to Rio Verde. Those 4 days were tough, I think I picked up amazing bug via bad food in Los Amoles. The terrain was also tough, very little water or grass on the side of the road.

I took a day off in Rio Verde.

Then took a little ride to Tapanco. It was so hot those days. And humid.

Then to San Ciro de Acosto, which was a cool little town.

Then to Conca, which is very beautiful.

Then to Jalpan which is also knarly.

I took a day off then via the guidance of Alejandro, took the back way thru the Sierra Gorda.

3 days from lush, humid Jalpan to dry, dry Bucareli.

hen after taking a day off at the scenic riverside campgrounds (Campimiento Riviera Verde) below Bucareli, I went to Higuerillas via a river and then a canyon.

That was a hard day for Roxy, walking along the rocks of the river.

We then rode to Cadereyta for the weekend.

I relaxed, went to the market, visited Bernal and hung out with some calbagantes.

I left for El Geiser, which is officially in Hidalgo, but I will include photos of it here. It’s a 24 hour water park/ hot springs. Very relaxing…

As I made my way south from there, wait, that’s another story…

For fellow travellers, Queretaro was mind blowing. I highly recommend visiting the Sierra Gorda. The diversity of eco systems is extreme, the terrain varied, and the climate as well. We went from hot and humid on the low side of the mountains to dry and cool at night on the high side. To up above in the semi desert…

A little hint towards the destination of my journey: A LOT of Guatemala’s terrain is like La Sierra Gorda!!!

San Luis Potosi and Queretaro

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