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San Martin Jilotepeque Magno Desfile Hipico


I rode with the Cuadra San Martin in the Zaragoza horse parade in October.


And as they invited me to their horse parade 3 weeks later, I HAD to say yes.


I mapped out a route, then I mapped it out again, this time trying the main route from Chimaltenango to San Martin. That saved 7 kms, making it 23 km from Itzapa to San Martin. I would leave on Friday and return on Sunday. The parade was Saturday.

On the way to San Martin, I rode thru the animal market in Chima and saw my friend Ruben who helped me in September when he drove me to Itzapa from the lake when Roxy was injured. It was a good feeling for both of us to see Roxy in her game again.

Further down the road, I was passed by my host for the weekend, Davil Alvarez. He’s an awesome man and his family is great as well.

I made it San Martin and kind of just relaxed for the rest of the day. I got set up at the hotel, then I watched some movies and went to bed early. The parade was to start at the gas station that Davil owned, and where Roxy was staying overnight.

I made it there early…



Lots of nice Landcruisers.

Lots of nice people.

Lots of nice food.

Lots of nice horses.

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For most of the ride I was just behind the sound system of the Cuadra San Martin. That’s because of this other rider, the singer. He’s riding one of my host Davil’s horses’ and on this day my horse is almost in heat.

My job became to always stay near the front of our section, by the Landruiser with speakers, as otherwise, his horse would follow me everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE!

As the local heartthrob sang I would watch the young women in the crowd just in rapture as they gazed at him. Occasionally one would turn and look at me and all of that would stop.


Afterwards the horse riders had a big lunch together, then I had a nap. Made it back and then we watched some bull riding. I’m not really a big fan, I left early.

Then the next morning I went to Davils house as that’s where Roxy had spent that night, and I had a nice breakfast as we watched the parade on TV.


Then I saddled up and head back to Itzapa.

It was a lovely weekend.

Thank you Davil and Family, and to the town of San Martin Jilotepeque.

San Martin Jilotepeque Magno Desfile Hipico

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