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Support Team and Suppliers

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Many people have helped me behind the scenes with my tack and travel logistics.
Their support has been invaluable.


To prepare for the trip I started packing gear and going on longer rides with more stops and tying out. I basically replaced 3/4 of my gear, even my saddle!

Joan Gray
The old trading post tack store, Eganville, ON

Lynn Cheffins
Custom sewing, Bonnechere Caves, ON

Ian Coxworthy
Richvale Saddlery, Killaloe and Shomberg, ON

Julie Dulong
Web design, Toronto, ON

Dr Theresa Tanaka
USDA Vet, Alexandria Bay, NY

Dr James Byrne
CFIA Vet, Brockville, ON

Dr Lynwood Fisher
Livestock Vet, Pembroke, ON

Aaron Keogh
Green Door Financial, Windsor, ON


Below are the suppliers who have provided great products that are durable, tough and light.

MAD Outdoors – gear

Europe Bound – gear and clothing

MEC – clothing

Jacks’r Better – quilt

Hennessy Hammock

Snug Pax – saddle bags

Nickers Saddlery – Easy Boot Gloves

Atmosphere – clothing and backpack

4 dog – Titanium cooker

Running Bear – Halter bridle

Wilton Tack – Myler Combo Bit

Flaslightword.ca – fenix headlamp

Cindy Chapman – used Big Horn Endurance Saddle #120



Support Team and Suppliers

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