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COVID-19 + Recession = OUR FUTURE???

It’s March 22, 2020. The world has been hit by a virus pandemic – COVID-19; at the same time, oil prices are at the lowest in 18 years, AND a global recession is possibly just beginning…WHAT NEXT???

Getting Roxy Tired | Part 4

Today I'm going to talk about Roxy and her health 2 and a half years after setting off from Canada. I gave Roxy a...

Learn ESL with Chris

Personalized Online ESL English Lessons. Learn how to master formal and informal English to speak with ease, confidence and precision.

2019 》》》2020 – Wishing you the Best!

As the year nears the end, and the weather is cool or downright cold, it's the time for taking stock of what passed...


Month 6 | THE LAST MONTH of 5001: Mexico a Caballo I'm putting the 4 weeks of Month 6 together because they are the...

Preparation and Persistence

"Stretch your mind |Adapt |Hang loose and be ready...Otherwise get left behind..." Chris MacLuckie This was the first...

Month 5 | Takeaways

Here are my 5 takeaways from Month 5: *Mexican Horse culture *Cities and Towns *Hoof care *Teaching English *Team...

UNAM Equine Reproduction Campus | Profile and Interview

Welcome to UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Equine Reproduction Facility, located in Santillan, Queretaro, México.

WEEK 22 | Mexico a Caballo

"But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly,...
Javier Perez Rocha | Profile and Interview

Javier Perez Rocha | Profile and Interview

Javier Perez Rocha is the owner of Rancho Santa Marina, an organic sheep cheese farm, located just west of Atongo, Queretaro. When Javier was a boy his father bought the farm and since 1983 it had seen many iterations: cattle, hay, asparagus, mixed vegetables. Now, since 2009, it produces organic sheep cheese.

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Ivan Chavez | Profile and Interview | DAY 128

Ivan Chavez | Profile and Interview | DAY 128

Ivan Chavez is a horse lover as well a materials specialist. He lives in Mexico City.
Ivan is a man of knowledge and skill and he was a great help to our long ride. Thank you Ivan.

Above is an audio file of my interview with him. You can download the file and share it with your friends!

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Carlos Mancera Esquivel | Profile and Interview

Carlos Mancera Esquivel | Profile and Interview

Here you find an interview with Mexican horse trainer Carlos Mancera Esquivel. IN ENGLISH. Carlos is based out of Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, and combines Classical Equitation with Natural Horsemanship.

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